Your Development is our Business

The essence of the game of hockey is individual player skill. The more skillful the player, a greater ease with which they can play the game and a greater potential for success. But being a skilled hockey player does not end with technical proficiency in skating, passing, puck control, shooting. Being skilled equates to a player's ability to apply these technical proficiencies in a game context to solve problems they perceive.
At SPS Hockey Development our mission is to develop skillful players that are able to perceive ever changing problems and dynamics in the game and effectivly apply their technical proficiency to create solutions.

Formed in 2018 and based in Ottawa, Ontario, SPS Hockey Development is a professional hockey development company owned and operated by Hockey Canada Skills Coaches, Brian and Zach Gillam. SPS works with players and teams of all ages and skill levels, as well as coaches and associations, to deliver high quality player development programs.

Our team has a wide range of experience and background, including program design, high performance coaching, player development, coach development, professional teaching and elite level playing. SPS instructors have conducted hockey development sessions and/or programs with Hockey Canada, Hockey Eastern Ontario, Hockey New Brunswick, Hockey Newfoundkand & Labrador and Internationally. They are committed to ensuring sessions are focused on achieving maximum results using training methods and frameworks based on leading theories of motor learning and skill acquisition. Our training sessions encourage players to get outside their comfort zone, apply their technical abilities in the game context and become efficient decision makers. At SPS Hockey Development we don't just work with you, we work for you.